22 Unique Dining Experiences in Las Vegas

By Lip Smacking Foodie Tours
May 14th, 2020 - 8:03 PM

22 Unique Dining Experiences in Las Vegas

People travel – many even move – to Las Vegas because it’s one of the most unique places on earth. Where else can you watch professional sports, go on a rollercoaster, play some cards, enjoy world-class art, dance the night away well into the morning, and see one-of-a-kind live entertainment?

And then there’s the food.

More and more, unique dining experiences are becoming the calling card of Las Vegas.

Nowhere else on the planet can you find so many restaurants that are so different in all the ways that matter. From the food to its presentation to the ambiance and more, if you want a dining experience unlike any other, Las Vegas is calling.

The 22 Most Unique Dining Experiences in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is nothing if not unique, especially where its restaurants are concerned. It’s not that you’ll have a hard time finding these kinds of eateries, it’s that you only have so much time to enjoy them.

So, we’ve put together a list of the 22 most unique restaurants in Las Vegas that will give you dining experiences you’ll never forget.

1. E by Jose Andres

Head to Jaleo for a meal and you won’t regret it.

However, if you want a truly unique dining experience, we recommend you opt for the small private room neighboring the busy paella grill. Look for the door with the letter “é” on it.

There, you’ll find é by José Andrés, an incredible restaurant with a reputation for its tasting menu full of Spanish dishes unlike any you’ll find anywhere else in Las Vegas or elsewhere.

This reputation has grown to such heights that é by José Andrés only accepts two seatings an evening. You’ll find yourself at a steel-topped bar with enough room for just nine guests. It’s set against an eye-catching red glass wall adorned in red velvet curtains.
If it feels dramatic, that’s the point.

José Andrés isn’t just one of the world’s best chefs. He also earned a spot on Time Magazine’s “100 Most Influential People” largely because he treats dining as a theatrical experience. The ambiance lets you know you’re in for a show and the Spanish food that follows does not disappoint.

2. Joël Robuchon

You may have eaten inside a mansion before, but until you’ve experienced a meal at Joël Robuchon – located inside MGM’s Mansion – you’re still missing out.

The art deco décor is a nod to yesteryear with dramatic purples, pearl whites, and even vegetation creating a one-of-a-kind atmosphere that rivals what you’ve seen in the movies. Whether you eat in the stately dining room or on the garden terrace, you’ll know your reservation was worth it just for the surroundings.

Award-winning chef Christophe de Lellis’s French restaurant has a menu that fits right in with this opulence. There’s a reason he’s earned 30 Michelin Stars.

Between a sugar “sphere” full of blackberry yogurt sorbet (“Le Sphere”) and the Oscentra caviar delicately placed over a crustacean gelée, you’d feel bad for sticking your fork into these dishes if it wasn’t for how amazing they all taste.

3. La Cirque

“Las Vegas” may be Spanish, but the city’s notoriety for unique dining experiences is full of French cuisine. Joël Robuchon is a prime example.

Another is Le Cirque.

Located inside the very Italian Bellagio, this Michelin-star winner also has an interior that you really have to see to believe. The rainbow of drapes that adorn the ceiling will make you feel like you’re inside a big-top circus tent, but don’t worry. Le Cirque’s menu isn’t popcorn and peanuts.

Instead, you’ll feast on the likes of Maryland blue crab, Japanese Yellowtail, roasted organic Jidori chicken, and citrus glazed veal cheek. For dessert, you can’t go wrong with either the peach parfait or the chocolate ball with its hazelnut caramel crunch.

4. Bazaar Meat by José Andrés

It’s not hard to find a great cut of meat in Las Vegas. This is arguably the steakhouse capital of the world.

While it would be tough to choose one carnivore destination to top them all, anyone who has experienced Bazaar Meat by José Andrés will argue you it’s the best.

After all, it was Andrés who famously said, “I will eat whatever makes me feel like a lion!”

So, it’s not surprising that you can order suckling pig, Kobe Wagyu, and A5 Kobe eye on the rib right from a roaring firepit. Even if you decide to go with the tortilla Sacromonte, salmon, or – believe it or not – the vegetarian “beefsteak” tomato, the sounds and smells of that crackling fire make Bazaar Meat one of the most unique places to eat in Las Vegas.

5. Top of the World

In some cities, you might be able to call your restaurant the “top of the world” without even having a second floor.

In Las Vegas, Top of the World didn’t settle for anything less than a dining experience that takes place 800 feet off the ground.

You’ll find it at – surprise, surprise – the top of Stratosphere Casino, Hotel & Tower.

The height advantage is probably enough to earn the “unique” descriptor. It also helps that the restaurant literally rotates a full circle every 180 minutes. Still, this restaurant didn’t become a Las Vegas hotspot simply for its uncanny view – though it is considered one of the most scenic restaurants in the country.

Instead, it’s worth the elevator ride to the 106th floor for the filet mignon tartare, USDA prime center cut New York strip, and the bone-in prime ribeye. Combine those savory dishes with a view that will compete with those plates and you have one of the most unique restaurants in Las Vegas.

6. Yui Edomae Sushi

“Understated” may not be a term you’d expect to find on a list like this one, but for many sushi traditionalists, that’s a key ingredient. Yui Edomae Sushi won’t wow you with fancy furniture or ornate decorations.

In fairness, after one bite of their sushi – made from seafood flown in from Japan – you’ll be too distracted to notice anything else but the food in front of you.

As one of the only sushi restaurants in Las Vegas that practices traditional edomae omakase, Master Sushi Chef Gen Mizoguchi is a man obsessed with the tiny details that make all the difference. It’s an unbelievable experience to try the seafood here, but for many devotees, the scene-stealer is actually the A5 wagyu steak that is seasoned between salt blocks.




MR CHOW is sophisticated, modern, and full of amazing cuisine. The ultra-chic interior is built around “a suspended centerpiece kinetic sculpture, unlike anything seen in Las Vegas.”

And if that amazing centerpiece doesn’t excite you, the second-floor restaurant – accessible through a private elevator – also gives you a great view of Caesar Palace’s legendary Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis.

However, as we’ve already mentioned, scenery isn’t enough to make the list. The menu is packed with fantastic hors d’oeuvres like crab claws and fresh scallops, while you can choose lobster shumai, steamed sea bass, or emperor’s crab for your main dish.

The restaurant is also known for its many “shows”, including the popular “MR CHOW champagne trolley”, which might be one of the best ways to begin any meal in Las Vegas.

8. The Mayfair Supper Club

Supper clubs have been a mainstay throughout the country for more than 100 years. This traditional restaurant format is known for cozy, familiar interiors with equally traditional and often hearty dishes.

But this is Vegas.

So, when you go to The Mayfair Supper Club, forget about the traditional.
To say the interior is unique would be a major understatement. Behind the bar, you’ll notice a frozen aquarium of glass fish and coral.The tabletop lamps, chandeliers, and seafoam-glass lights that crown the bar make it feel like something out of The Great Gatsby.

You’ll most likely be able to see the world-famous Fountains of Bellagio from your seat, but the live music and full-scale performances on stage will really steal the show.

If you’re idea of a good time includes dinner and a show, you’ll find the absolute best of both worlds at The Mayfair Supper Club.

9. Eiffel Tower

A restaurant called Eiffel Tower should offer one heck of a view and some amazing French food.

Check and check.

Located on the 11th floor of Paris Hotel & Casino, you’ll enjoy a stunning view of the entire Strip and those gorgeous Bellagio fountains. The interior is dominated by elegant white tablecloths, maroon dining chairs, and mood lighting that makes this Parisian restaurant a fitting choice for a romantic evening.

It’s more than just a unique location and décor, though. The restaurant is especially well-known for its signature Grand Seafood Platter, roasted rack of lamb, and beef Wellington. Updated takes on these traditional French dishes ensures Eiffel Tower stands out from the crowd.

10. Partage

Another restaurant that will absolutely dazzle lovers of modern French dining, Partage is all about elegance. It feels like a mix between an old-school steakhouse and a gourmet bistro.

Unique enough?

Well, that’s not all. Partage has been winning over guests with a menu that can stretch from three to eight courses. Pair your choice with their ample selection of wine and you’d be tempted to stick around for seconds if you were somehow able to leave any room.

Whether you decide on their tasting menu or choose to go a la carte, you’ll enjoy dish-after-dish of one-of-a-kind French food you cannot find anywhere else in the world.

11. Rose. Rabbit. Lie.

There’s something about supper clubs in Las Vegas.

They break away from tradition in all the right ways, creating bold dining experiences like the extraordinary, Rose. Rabbit. Lie.

This very modern supper club reinvents American classics, giving you a menu of palate-pleasing options like caviar tacos and beef Wellington topped with seared Hudson Valley foie gras and black truffle.

Even a dessert that sounds as simple as the “cookie jar” will make your sweet tooth question if it’s ever truly had dessert before.
That’s not all.

Rose. Rabbit. Lie. will also please your eyes and ears with live music and performances throughout your meal all inside a restaurant that feels like the kind of jazz nightclub that would’ve won over crowds during Prohibition.

12. Hugo’s Cellar

Hugo’s Cellar isn’t just one of the most unique restaurants in Las Vegas. It’s one of the best places to bring your special someone.

Ladies receive a long-stemmed rose right when they walk in before you’re taken into a brick-lined restaurant that features booths so comfortable you might never want to leave.

And that’s before they show you the menu.

Start things off with one of their classic martinis – or two – while you consider appetizers like “Seafood on Ice for Two” or the “Prosciutto Wrapped Prawns.” If you really like the person, the decision is easy: “Hugo’s Hot Rock Specialty for Two” which is prepared tableside.

Speaking of which, the bananas Foster and cherries Jubilee are prepared tableside, too. There’s also complimentary fruit hand-dipped in chocolate and whipped cream.

So, if there’s someone special in your life whom you’d like to impress, take them to the very unique Hugo’s Cellar.

13. Raku Sweets

It doesn’t get much more unique than “Japanese French style dessert.”
Tough to imagine?


But it’s real.

And it’s amazing.

You’ll find it at Raku Sweets.

Though it’s the brainchild of chef Mitsuo Endo, chef Miso Ogasaware is at the helm. She’s been putting taste buds on notice since 1999 with a resume that includes stints in Ehime, Nagasaki, and Tokyo. Along the way, her confections have won numerous awards for their taste and incredible visuals.

Since 2013, she’s been at Raku Sweets and the results speak for themselves. Her “Japanese-French” desserts include macaroons, sorbet, and a number of other individual culinary delights with names like, “Mt. Fuji”, “Tango”, and “Red Rock.”

You have to see them in-person to appreciate the time and effort she puts into each, but wow, wait until you try them.

14. Carbone

In just five years, Carbone has become one of the most popular Italian restaurants in all of Las Vegas – no small feat.

Of course, owners Mario Carbone, Rich Torrisi, and Jeff Zalaznick have had lots of practice. Before it became a staple here, the concept for an Italian restaurant that paid homage to midcentury Italian American restaurants had already proven very successful in New York City and Hong Kong.

At Carbone, you’ll find modern takes on opulent Italian dishes like Chicken Scarpariello, Lobster Fra Diavolo, and Octopus Pizzaiolo. Still, the actual restaurant maintains a classic, high-end feel that would have been right at home in the 50s. This includes high-backed booths, tasteful white tablecloths, and an immaculate centerpiece chandelier that cascades down from the ceiling.

15. Best Friend

What makes Best Friend one of the most dining experiences in Las Vegas?

When The New York Times said Las Vegas was one of the 52 Places to Go in 2019, this one-of-a-kind restaurant was singled out, right up there with seeing Lady Gaga and Aerosmith. Here’s how the writer described Best Friend:

“…a Korean restaurant by Roy Choi, the Los Angeles food truck pioneer, that becomes a hip-hop club after the tables are cleared.”
Go ahead.

Try finding another restaurant like that on TripAdvisor.

We’ll wait.

Best Friend manages to incorporate all the flavors of Los Angeles’s famous Koreatown, create some new ones, and embrace the nightlife that has made Las Vegas one of the most celebrated cities on the planet.

If you’ve never been, the only thing you can count on is that you’ve never been anywhere like it.

16. STK

What STK lacks in letters it more than makes up for in everything else you want from a Las Vegas steakhouse.

The black-and-white décor is sophisticated and modern with dim lighting and a ceiling that ripples with curves. It pairs this elegance with a nightclub vibe, complete with a dancefloor and DJ that gets going as the sun goes down.

If you just want a snack, the bar at the center of the restaurant serves fantastic tuna tartare, beef carpaccio, and sliders, among many other options. The “Not Your Daddy’s Manhattan” or “Hennessey Ginger Mojito” are two highly-recommended ways to wash down your choice.

Of course, you can also sit at a table and pit your appetite against the free-range chicken, roasted Dover sole, or massive 24-ounce porterhouse.

17. Twist

Twist by Pierre Gagnaire is unique if for no other reason than it’s the only Las Vegas restaurant owned by the legend, Pierre Gagnaire. In case you’re not familiar with Gagnaire (shame on you), he has owned nearly 20 restaurants in cities like Paris, Berlin, Bordeaux, Dubai, Hong Kong, London, and Moscow.

In short, people seem to like the way he cooks.

Nonetheless, for a man with that many restaurants to his name, he didn’t use a mold to create Twist. As the name suggests, this is a one-of-one restaurant.

The twist most likely refers to the French chef’s modern take on his home country’s delicious cuisine. Another twist may be that this restaurant doesn’t look like any French restaurant you’ve ever seen. It has high ceilings, silver walls, and ornate purple carpeting. Twist also provides guests with a 23rd-floor view of the Las Vegas Strip.

Whether you crave lamb, duck, salmon, or steak, you’ll find unique versions of French recipes at this mold-breaking restaurant.

18. Sake Rok

The T-Mobile Arena is no stranger to showing guests a good time, but nearby Sake Rok is regularly giving them a run of their money.

For one thing, at 13,000-square-feet, it has plenty of space for giving guests an experience they can’t possibly find anywhere else. Sake Rok definitely puts all that room to good use, too.

It’s a nightclub. It’s a bar. It’s a sushi bar. It’s a dining room.

There’s live music, dancing, and an array of other performances – including watching the very talented sushi chefs somehow manage their craft with all the spectacles going on around them.

While there’s private seating at Sake Rok, the communal atmosphere it creates means you’ll probably share a few sake bombs with complete strangers while enjoying the party.

We wouldn’t be remotely surprised if people have left their show at T-Mobile Arena early just so they could get back to the real show happening at Sake Rok.

19. The Peppermill Restaurant and Lounge

The Peppermill Restaurant and Lounge has a retro Las Vegas feel, complete with classic drinks and low lighting. The Lounge part of it is also a bit reminiscent of the old tiki-bar days thanks to a fire surrounded by blue-lit water.

Extending out from this very cool fire pit is a purple and blue décor highlighted by neon red lights running along the floors. Sit at the bar and play casino games on the screen in front of you or jump into one of their uber comfy booths.

Located right on The Strip, you can’t miss the giant neon Peppermill sign. While much of the décor – including the sign – and the very impressive drink menu all lend themselves to a late-night hotspot, this unique Las Vegas restaurant is actually equally popular for breakfast and lunch.

20. Heart Attack Grill

There is absolutely, positively, 100% no place on earth like Heart Attack Grill.

These days, even the greasiest of greasy spoons will do their best to make some allowances for healthy eating. You can ask for your eggs without the yokes or order whole wheat toast. There might even be a yogurt parfait on the menu.

As the name suggests, Heart Attack Grill could not possibly care less if you think this isn’t a healthy establishment.

It’s really hard to do a better job of summing it up than quoting the Heart Attack Grill’s Wikipedia entry:

“It makes a point of serving food that is high in fat, sugar, and cholesterol; in other words, food that, if eaten regularly, would cause a heart attack, hence the name.”

The restaurant even goes so far as to give visitors patients hospital gowns and wristbands upon entering. No long-stemmed roses here.

If you weigh-in at over 350 pounds, you get to eat for free!

While you could order a single burger, you didn’t come to Heart Attack Grill for that. They stack theirs all the way up to the aptly named, “Octuple Bypass” burger. That’s 32 ounces of beef.

Need help washing it down?

Enjoy a beer and tequila “butterfat milkshake.”

You can even order cigarettes.

If you get through anything over a triple bypass burger, your waitress nurse will wheel you out to your car in a wheelchair.
Can’t finish your meal?

Then, expect a paddling from one of the nurses before you leave.

You can purchase the paddle afterward.

21. Sterling Brunch

Sterling Brunch at Bally’s has long been considered one of the best brunch spots in all of Las Vegas, which is impressive if you know how competitive that scene has become.

Furthermore, Sterling Brunch has been winning over customers for more than 30 years.

How has it managed to stand out year-after-year with so much competition?

Well, for one thing, the Nicolas Feuillatte Champagne flows freely. That’s a great bottomless mimosa deal right there. Add a bountiful buffet and you have a Sunday-morning brunch beyond compare. Before you grab your plate and get busy, though, you’ll be presented with BLT Steak’s signature Gruyere cheese-flavored popovers. They’re probably enough for a meal all by themselves.


Get to the buffet.

You’ll feast on lobster tails, Alaskan king crab legs, prime rib, lamb, sushi, and so much more. There are even gluten-free items.

For all these reasons and many more, Sterling Brunch has become the gold standard for brunch in Las Vegas.

22. The Most Unique Way to Enjoy the Most Unique Restaurants in Las Vegas

Hopefully, this list of unique dining experiences in Las Vegas helped you narrow your own considerably.

However, in case you’re having a tough time deciding on just one – don’t!
Coming in at number 22 on our list is our very humble submission: Lip Smacking Foodie Tours.

At our unique company, we take our guests to the best restaurants in Las Vegas for amazing food and cocktails. We walk them right past the long lines and the crowded dining rooms to their own VIP spaces.

In fact, you could say that we make unique Las Vegas dining experiences even more unique.

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