8 Amazing Bakeries & Pastries in Las Vegas

By Lipsmacking Foodie Tours
May 3rd, 2021 - 7:36 PM

Bakeries, pastry shops, and patisseries are the perfect place to stop for a morning pick-me-up, midday snack, or decadent dessert. They’re also a major part of the Las Vegas food scene and should be a staple of your foodie tour in the city.

No matter if you’re craving something savory or sweet, you can find over-the-top and delectable baked goods that match the glitz and glamor of Sin City on nearly every corner. Here are the 8 bakeries and patisseries in Las Vegas that you shouldn’t miss if you want to satisfy your sweet tooth or grab a world-class pastry during your stay.

1. Milk Bar at The Cosmopolitan

Milk Bar has been making waves in the dessert world for over a decade due to its playful approach to home-style treats. Conveniently located at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, guests and tourists alike can enjoy the bakery’s famous salty-sweet Compost Cookie, Milk Bar Pie, and more.

This Las Vegas location is also home to exclusive Milk Bar menu items, like alcohol-infused Fancy Shakes that are perfect for washing down a piece of Milk Bar Pie or pairing with one of their many freshly baked cookies. Chef/owner Christina Tosi is a two-time James Beard award-winner and has been the subject of multiple write-ups and docu-series because of her innovation and success.

While the bakery occasionally releases savory specials, you can always count on it to serve sugary treats that are perfect if you have a sweet tooth.

raku_sweets drizzle

2. Sweets Raku

Raku means enjoyment in Japanese, and this Las Vegas bakery stands true to its name. Specializing in Japanese French-style desserts, a trip to Sweets Raku is an experience, not just a stop.

Owner/chef Mitsuo Endo and executive pastry chef Mio Ogasawara created a menu and space based on the three pleasures: Interior, taste, and sight. From the moment you step into the restaurant, you are met by sweet aromas. Then you take a bite of one of the delicate, fresh pastries. The entire experience is completed by the sight of the desserts that are something out of your imagination.

From the fluffy cream puff to the shapely Stella, these pastries are also a treat for your eyes. Each is like a piece of art and tastes as delicious as it looks.

If you want to experience this “Pastry Entertainment” you can’t miss Sweets Raku.

3. Carlo’s Bakery

The New Jersey bakery that found fame on television also has a location in Las Vegas. Right on the boulevard, you will find the familiar storefront and all it has to offer. While Carlo’s Bakery serves up plenty of cakes and cupcakes, you shouldn’t overlook the selection of traditional Italian pastries.

One highlight of the menu is the Lobster Tail made with flaky dough baked to perfection and filled with the bakery’s signature French cream. This pastry is perfect to grab when you’re on the go since it can fit in your hand. The bakery also serves its signature cannolis that are a must-try, along with individual desserts and cookies that everyone will love.


4. Freed’s Bakery

Freed’s Bakery is a staple in Las Vegas. Having opened in the 50s and passed down through three generations, it’s no wonder it’s often considered the best bakery in Las Vegas by tourists and locals.

This bakery has everything you could possibly crave. From eclairs and cream puffs to tarts and Macarons, you can find pastries that span everything from sweet and tart to more savory. A stand-out menu item at Freed’s is the rugelach. The flaky cream cheese dough folded with a variety of delicious fillings is the perfect combination of sugar and salt depending on the flavor you choose.


5. Bellagio Patisserie

For early risers, Bellagio Patisserie has all the tasty treats that you could ever want for breakfast. The breakfast crepe is ideal if you can’t decide between something sweet or savory, and the same can be said for the patisserie sandwiches.

This Patisserie in Las Vegas opens bright and early at 6 am and is open until 8 pm, so you can stop by for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Start your day with a cup of freshly brewed coffee and a pastry and then give in to your late-night cravings with one of the many desserts on the menu. Make sure to take home a box of macarons, chocolates, or other savory treats that will make the journey that much sweeter.

6. Patisserie Manon

Patisserie Manon has been making authentic French pastries, desserts, and cuisine for over a decade. The pastry shop in Las Vegas boasts that it serves these international delicacies with American size portions so no guest leaves hungry.

When you visit, you might have a hard time choosing between the 16 different flavors of Macarons, a selection of mini tarts, and hand pies. However, you can’t go wrong with a flaky, buttery croissant or apple turnover. For something a little sweeter, try the chocolate or almond croissant that adds a little extra flavor to this French classic.

The patisserie recommends having your camera ready when you enter the shop. Not only are the pastries delicious, but they also make for a mouthwatering and aesthetically pleasing display that you’ll want to share on social media.

green tea roll log

7. Suzuya Patisserie

Another Japanese-style pastry shop that makes the list is Suzuya Patisserie. This small, family-owned shop has called Las Vegas home since 2012 and specializes in Japanese pastries that are always made fresh daily.

While the patisserie’s signature dessert is a light and fresh strawberry shortcake, the smaller treats are perfect when you’re just making a quick stop. You’ll find three kinds of cream puffs that toe the line between traditional and unique Japanese flavors. The fuji apple pie can be eaten as you walk around the city, while a box of Macarons is the perfect gift to bring back for family or friends.

No matter what you choose, these pastries boast one-of-a-kind flavors that you’ll be thinking about long after your trip.

8. Pinkbox Donuts

Donuts aren’t just for breakfast at Pinkbox Donuts in Las Vegas. These doughy creations are packed full of so much flavor and specialty toppings that they can count for an entire meal.

The shop is known for having lines form around the corner because its selection of signature donuts are really that good. Why? Because they have a secret recipe, of course! While we don’t know exactly how these donuts are made, they are always fresh, innovative, and delicious. The shop has also branched out and included vegan donuts so everyone can enjoy a twist on the classic breakfast fare.

If you want to guarantee you’ll get the donuts that you want, it’s recommended to place an order a day ahead. Trust us, the wait is worth it.

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth in Las Vegas
Wondering which of these locations is the best bakery in Las Vegas? That’s up to you! Try them all for yourself to decide.

And when you want to indulge in a food tour completed with sweet and savory meals and dessert (since we can’t always eat pastries for an entire day), we can help. The team at Lip Smacking Foodie Tours knows all the best spots in Las Vegas for every meal and snack you could ever think of.

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