Our Guide to the Best Chicken Sandwiches in Las Vegas

By Lip Smacking Foodie Tours
Feb. 28th, 2021 - 6:54 PM

Best Chicken Sandwiches in Las Vegas

It’s juicy, it’s savory—it’s heaven between two buns. Whether you’re ordering yours crispy, going healthy with a grilled breast, or amping up the heat Nashville-style, there’s nothing like a chicken sandwich. In Las Vegas, you’ll find fancy and no-frills options on and off the Strip. Chow down on one before hitting the town or eat one in bed when you’re recovering the next day—there’s no wrong way to enjoy a chicken sandwich. And if you’re ordering one at one of the following Las Vegas restaurants, you’re going to love it:

The Crack Shack

The Crack Shack Las Vegas Burgers

Here’s the great thing about The Crack Shack at Park MGM. Not only does the restaurant make a mean chicken sandwich (more on that in a moment) it’s also got a great patio with Las Vegas Strip views. On the menu, you’ll find all things fowl, including an array of chicken sandwiches. Get the Firebird (spicy chicken, ranch, crispy onions, pickles) if you like it hot or the Double Clucker (two ground chicken patties, cheddar, bacon, avocado, pickles, fried onions, burger sauce) if you want a feast.

Big Chicken

Big Chicken, Las Vegas chicken sandwich

From the one and only Shaquille O’Neal, Big Chicken serves exactly that: massive chicken sandwiches, plus tenders and salads. Crispy chicken sandwich options range from buffalo style with slaw and blue cheese to the Charles Barkley—a crispy chicken breast topped with macaroni and cheese, crispy onion, and garlic barbecue aioli. Save room for an order of loaded cheese fries.

Belly Bombz

Belly Bombz, Las Vegas chicken sandwich

Located in Silverado Ranch, Belly Bombz is famous for its Korean-inspired chicken menu and a vast array of sauces. No one would blame you for sticking with the wings here, but if you’re in the mood for carbs, the fried chicken sandwich topped with miso citrus slaw and pickles is always a good idea. You can even customize it by ordering it with honey chipotle barbecue and fried onions, a charred pineapple, Nashville style, or a whole bunch of other ways.

Hattie B’s Hot Chicken

Hattie B’s Hot Chicken

The iconic Nashville hot chicken spot can be found at the Cosmopolitan as part of the resort’s creative take on a food court, Block 16 Urban Food Hall. Grab a spicy chicken sandwich with your choice of spice level and enjoy some pimento macaroni and cheese or red skin potato salad while you’re at it. This being a southern spot, sweet tea is the recommended beverage accompaniment.


Buldogis may be known for its Korean fusion hot dogs (the name is a play on bulgogi and hot dog), but the compact restaurant on West Sahara also makes an incredible chicken sandwich. Get the original, which comes with a half-pound marinated fried chicken breast, or load it up with hot cheese sauce, Korean chili sauce, or buffalo sauce.

Flippin’ Good

Fremont Street’s Flippin’ Good would never deny vegans the opportunity to savor a really good chicken sandwich. The sit-down restaurant (which used to be a decidedly more casual counter-service place a few years ago) not only serves a wide selection of chicken sandwiches made with actual chicken breast, but also a pretty convincing crispy vegan version topped with a plant-based version of their beloved Flippin’ sauce. Something for everyone!

Blaze of Thunder Nashville Hot Chicken

If you like culinary experiences with a bit of mystery to them, you’re going to want to know about Blaze of Thunder. Technically more of a secret menu at the SkinnyFATS Henderson location on Stephanie Street than an actual restaurant, Blaze of Thunder serves Nashville hot chicken on a Hawaiian bun. You can get your hands on one by ordering online or rolling through the drive-through.

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