Michelin Star Rated Restaurants in Las Vegas

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Mar. 17th, 2021 - 2:48 PM

You don’t need to travel overseas for a fine dining experience. Las Vegas has some of the country’s premier restaurants and talented chefs that match the extravagance and elegance of Sin City. And when it comes time to find a restaurant to meet your high expectations, one of the many Michelin-rated Las Vegas establishments will do.

The revered Michelin guide book to culinary excellence last rated the Las Vegas restaurant scene in 2009. Throughout the decade, restaurants have come and gone and even survived a pandemic. Those that still have a Michelin star today and made our list have stood the test of time or have Michelin starred chefs  and are worthy of a visit.

Ready to make a reservation to celebrate a special occasion or live out your upscale dining dream? Here are the Michelin restaurants Las Vegas has to offer:

red and black barroom at joel robuchon

1. Joël Robuchon

Only one restaurant in Las Vegas has the distinction of earning three Michelin stars, French restaurant Joël Robuchon. Named after the late chef-owner, this restaurant is located in the renowned MGM Grand Hotel and Casino. During Rochuchon’s decades-long career, he ran over 20 restaurants in Europe, Asia, and North America where he gained 31 Michelin stars cumulatively.

His namesake location in Las Vegas covets the highest Michelin rating, meaning it’s deemed by the guide’s expert food critics as having exceptional cuisine worthy of a special trip. Not only is the menu full of delectable dishes, but the venue matches the opulent feel. Guests are required to dress in formal attire to match the sophisticated decor that includes marble floors and crystal chandeliers.

beautifully plated food at guy savoy

2. Restaurant Guy Savoy

A close second to Joël Robuchon’s fame is Restaurant Guy Savoy. The acclaimed French menu is complemented by the best (and most romantic) view in the city — the Paris Las Vegas Eiffel Tower. From the Augustus Tower, guests are transported an ocean away with Head Chef Guy Savoy’s classic French dishes such as the artichoke and truffle soup and foie gras. You’ll want to end the evening with one of the decadent desserts like the Fondant au Chocolat or Terrine de Pamplemousse.

The food, atmosphere, and attention to detail all helped the restaurant be awarded two Michelin stars. Chef Savoy doesn’t allow any flowers in the restaurant, nor can employees wear perfume to ensure nothing disrupts the aroma of this cuisine.

Picasso's sauteed filet with beautiful garnish

3. Picasso

This two Michelin star restaurant is as artistic as its namesake. Located inside the Bellagio Hotel and Casino, diners can view Pablo Picasso’s paintings and ceramic pieces as they enjoy their meal at Picasso. Executive Chef Julian Serrano takes special pride in his menu that’s inspired by the regional cuisines of Spain and France and complemented by a selection of more than 1,500 wines.

If you can, try to get a table on the outdoor patio. Depending on the season and availability, you can dine while overlooking the romantic Fountains of Bellagio which is a staple of the hotel and casino. Cool misters and heat lamps are also brought out when the weather changes so you can be comfortable no matter the temperature.

signature entree at latelier

4. L’Atelier Joël Robuchon

Joël Robuchon makes the list again with his one Michelin star restaurant L’Atelier. Located in the same building as his signature venture, this venue offers guests the unique opportunity to watch their meal be made right before their eyes.

While L’Atelier may feel a little more laid back with its friendly, interactive atmosphere, the food is still the top-notch French cuisine Robuchon perfected. This smaller restaurant was also known as the experimental workshop for the famous chef. Alongside some of his signature dishes, you will still find his more daring menu items created in the open kitchen.

roasted beet and fruit salad

5. Aureole

If you like to center your dining experience around a bottle of wine, Aureole should be your first stop on a Michelin Las Vegas restaurant tour. Located inside the Mandalay Bay Hotel, this one-star eatery serves up New American cuisine that pairs perfectly with its collection of wine.

While the food created by Chef Charlie Palmer and Executive Chef Alexandre Grégoire is worthy of a visit on its own, the highlight of the restaurant is the four-story, climate-controlled wine tower. When you order a drink, the wine angels, as the wait staff is called, glide through the air to retrieve your bottle. This spectacle is worthy of its own Las Vegas show and is sure to keep you entertained during your meal.

golden opulent dining room at Wing Lei

6. Wing Lei

The first Chinese restaurant in North American to earn a Michelin star serves up a menu of mouthwatering and flavorful dishes. Chef Ming Yu’s creations at Wing Lei span many different styles of Chinese cooking, including Cantonese, Shanghai, and Szechuan delicacies.

Don your best business casual attire and enter the magnificent golden dining room with views of century-old pomegranate trees in the courtyard. The restaurant is well-known for its tableside-carved Imperial Pekin duck and wok-fried Maine Lobster. If you visit during Christmas or Chinese New Year, you’ll also be presented with a dim sum buffet with seafood galore, a carving station, and a dessert table like something out of a dream.

7. Le Cirque

The circus-like feel and over-the-top elegance of Las Vegas are embodied by Le Cirque at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino. The restaurant is known for its brilliant colors like that of a circus tent packaged in a classy lakeside setting. The French menu is as bold as the venue with creamy risotto, glazed veal cheek, Mediterranean sea bass, and more.

Le Cirque is not simply a meal, but an entire experience that you will never forget. Between the grand dining room, intimate French menu, coveted wine list, and attentive service, you can’t pass up the chance to visit this one-star restaurant.

8. Nobu

The Nobu brand is known around the globe for its sushi and traditional Japanese cuisine. Caesars Palace is home to the largest Nobu Restaurant space in the world that has also been awarded one Michelin star. The dining room itself is a breathtaking 11,200 square feet with a sushi bar, hibachi grills, private dining areas, and a central bar.

The exclusive menu serves only the highest-quality ingredients that span everything from wagyu beef to important Asian and Japanese fish and seafood. Don’t pass up the chance to try one (or more) of the three rare sakes brought in from Japan’s Hokusetsu brewery on Sado Island or a Japanese craft beer.

9. Michael Mina

Yet another one Michelin star restaurant at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, Michael Mina is renowned for its seafood. While you wouldn’t associate the dry and hot Nevada climate with fresh fish, James Beard-winning Chef Michael Mina has it flown in every day so it’s in prime condition to prepare and serve to guests.

The Mediterranean-inspired tasting menu is the talk of the town and always highlights fresh seafood. Other famous dishes include the hot charcoal-grilled shellfish, lobster pot pie, and caviar parfait. No matter what you choose, be prepared to have your tastebuds transported to the coast.

Honorable Mentions

With thousands of places to eat in the city, this list only covers the Las Vegas top restaurants with Michelin stars. There are plenty of other fine dining establishments worthy of this recognition where you should dine during your next visit.

Here are just a few of the Las Vegas restaurants that should have a Michelin star:

Mott 32

Chef Lee Man Sing is a talented and highly respected Chinese chef whose work at the Mandarin Oriental hotel earned him two Michelin stars. His mastery of fine Cantonese cuisine is brought to life at Mott 32 in Las Vegas.

The combination of innovative cooking techniques and respect for traditional Cantonese cooking methods is unique to Mott 32 and always leaves guests satisfied.


Another restaurant that blends contemporary and authentic Cantonese dishes is Hakkasan. On the menu, you will find dishes inspired by ancient recipes, innovative cocktails, and artistic patisserie. Every meal tells a story at the Las Vegas location.

Hakkasan restaurants can be found in five continents, with the UK destination having already been awarded a Michelin star.

Bazaar Meat by José Andrés

Meat lovers will have all their culinary dreams come true at Bazaar Meat. Chef José Andrés wants every guest to revel in the wild and wonderful celebration of all that’s carnivorous. Enjoy the menu of premier meats from around the world cooked in the fire pit.

This steakhouse is unlike any other in the city and can’t be missed.

Experience Elegance in Las Vegas

Is your mouth watering yet? Indulge on your next visit to Sin City by visiting one or more of these Michelin-rated Las Vegas eateries.

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